September 5, 2013 @ 7:30pm | Angelika Film Center in Plano, TX | & streaming on our event stream and on our main Ustream page

Well the votes are in.... and we have... a bit of a tie.

Only 2 votes separated the first place video from the two tied for second place. So, we have decided to award 1 major prize to Gordon Williams/Wyatt Cagel for 'Not Like the Commercials' and 2 minor prizes to Jesse Salazar/ Icelee Russell for 'big-fish-little-pond' and Darci McFerran for 'Recreational Indiscretions' -- we'll be in touch shortly about award delivery logistics.

Congratulations to all and thanks for making this event a success!
We'll see you in 2014!

The Winners
Major Prize
"A couple's relationship is tested as they weigh the positives and negatives of a life altering situation."
-Gordon S. Williams
Minor Prize
"Edward Zimms, an academically strong student at one of the best colleges in the nation, has had difficulty this semester with his Politics and Media class, taught by Professor Kotzur. Stressed by having to work harder than he normally does, the final straw comes when he gets back his midterm paper with a grade well below his expectations. Edward decides to confront Professor Kotzur, where he will be taught a very valuable lesson for a young adult."
-Jesse Salazar III
Minor Prize
" dig up dirt on their teacher after she busts them smoking pot."
-Darci McFerran
Other Awesome Films
"Lots of death, treadmills, and fitness. Enjoy."
-Tim Hendrix
"A philosophical short film (symbolic in nature) that has to do with transformation and evolution. The character starts off burdened by religion and yet blinded to spirituality. He sheds his religious identity only for another religious "mask" of self indulgence, flamboyance, and narcissism. In the end, he realizes his own vanity is not fulfilling. He then discovers the true nature of life's beauty, finds peace in all that surrounds him, and merges into the tranquility that has long eluded him."
-Jason French

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