Submit your film to be included in the Film Fest! *Or* just let us know if you plan to attend. Fill out the below to submit/RSVP

Some notes:
*We value your information and your intellectual property above all, so this info will be kept in the strictest privacy (except where you specifically elect to let us share).
*As always, anything you submit to us, you still own. By submitting a piece for consideration you are agreeing ONLY to allow us to show the film during the event. We may wish to rebroadcast the event at a later date, or to host a copy of your film on our site afterwards, but we will ask your permission for that separately if we choose to do so.
*There is nothing stopping you from submitting multiple films, or multiple RSVP's ... if you have a few things you'd like to have considered, feel free. Also if you've previously RSVP'd and your plans have changed (ie. your out of town friends have now decided to attend in person) you can resubmit -- just please comment that you had RSVP'ed before, so our count doesn't get messed up.
*We will be screening your submission before deciding if we would like to include it in the schedule, but we claim no responsibility for ensuring that you have the rights to show the film -- so if you managed to slip Back to the Future past us and Paramount's lawyers show up, that's on you.
*Above all, we appreciate you getting involved. Quite literally, we could not do this without you!

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I would also be willing to:: Participate in an Q&A panel after my work is screened
Allow BeautifulMistakes to release my info to an interested film studio/business if they are contacted in conjunction with the film festival
Receive flyers to post in my neighborhood to help promote the event
Attend in person and help run the event
Attend on-line and act as a moderator for the stream chat room
Provide hard copies of my film/merch to be sold at the event.
Provide some other kind of assistance (please comment below)
All of the above
None of the above
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